Keep up to date on our events! We host a range of events from talks with some of Ireland's hottest artists, industry people and performers; to open mics & recitals and the best music events in all of Trinity!

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Singer-Songwriter Compeition

In assosiation with Ruby Works, Du Music's inagural will take place and is sure to be a nice of amazing new music. With a slot at Ruby Sessions up for grabs, this is one you should not miss out on! Apply by clicking the picture above (closing date for entries is Friday the 9th of Feburary)

Interference Speaks to DU Music

Interference are a group centered around the late singer-songwriter, poet and painter Fergus O’Farrell. In existence for nearly 35 years the band have had several line-ups, the current ensemble featuring the talents of Maurice Seezer, Paul Tiernan and Camilla Griehsel along with original guitar maestro and founding member James O’Leary, a band who have through the years received numerous critically acclaimed reviews and commentary, they are very highly respected by their peers

Music Ball

DU Music's annual ball will return week 9 of college! Relive all the memories and the friendships made through our society and party with fellow musicians at the ball. A line-up of acts and amazing DJ to be announced!

DU Music Sociey AGM

JOIN OUR COMMITTEE!! We will be electing every position on our committee for the 18/19 college year. Be sure to run for a position and help us maintain our title of 'Trinity's Premier Music Society'. Find out about positions and how to run by reading our constitution (linked in the picture above!).